About us

baby international grew from the joys and frustrations of becoming international parents in China. Parents across the world share the same goals: to provide our children with a healthy upbringing and help them as much as possible in their personal development.

This can be a difficult task when living in a foreign country, as we soon realized. Even where the products we needed were available in local shops (try finding a car seat in Shanghai!), those on offer did not meet our requirements in terms of quality and safety or design. The result was that most of the products for our baby, from food to strollers, had to be laboriously brought from Europe.

On the cusp of losing all our frequent flyer friends (it turns out that having to bring kilos of baby food back from every trip to Europe can get in the way of friendship), we decided the situation needed to be changed: not just for us, but for all those in our situation. Hence we decided to set up baby international, to provide high quality products which are both safe and fashionably designed in China.

Every product and every service offered on baby international was chosen by discerning parents for you and your child. We want to provide you with only those products that we would buy for our child.

Beyond making high quality international baby products more accessible to you, we have developed the site to enable you to share insights about maternity and parenting as well as get feedback and information on raising a child from experts in various fields.

Are you looking for, but can’t find a specific or range of products? Do you have any questions? Tell us what else you would like to see on this website! Please contact us via the contact form. Because in the end, we share one thing in common: we are parents, too.